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What Is Coil Resistance and Why Does It Matter?

January 29, 2021 3 min read

With so many different types of vaporizers out there, it’s never easy to make a choice on which one is best for you. One of the factors that you need to consider before you make a choice about vaporizers is what type of vaper you are. The vaporizer and the coils that it uses plays a significant role in how you vape and what type of vaping experience you have with it.

As part of this, the coil is an integral part of the vaporizer. Why are coils so important, and what role does the coil play in the vaporizer? In the following article, we’ll take a closer look at coils, how they work, and the role that they play in producing vapor.


What Roel Does Coil Resistance Play?

Your coil is the part of the vaporizer which produces the vapor, so of course, it’s an essential part of the process. When you look at coils, they have a resistance, and you need to vape a corresponding temperature to suit that resistance. Most manufacturers give you a recommended wattage range on the side of the coils to help guide you.

The lower the coil's resistance, the more current will be able to make its way through the circuit. What does this mean? It means more current equals more heat and more e-liquid being vaporized, which produces more vapor. Choosing a resistance level when you first start vaping isn’t always the easiest, but hopefully, the following information makes it a little easier.

Lower Resistance Coils

  • Stronger throat hit – Lower resistance coils will deliver you a stronger throat hit when you vape. The throat hit is the catch in your throat you get when you smoke traditional cigarettes. If you enjoy the throat hit, then you’ll want to look at lower resistance coils.
  • More heat – You’re going to get a hotter vape when you utilize coils with lower resistance. If you enjoy cooler vapes, then avoid low resistance coils.
  • More vapor – If it’s vapor you’re after, then start looking at lower resistance coils. Lower resistance coils are going to be the best bet for anyone looking to pump out more vapor.
  • Less Battery Life – Lower resistance coils are going to require bigger batteries and drain your batteries faster. It’s because of this that so many sub-ohm mods are so heavy and bulky. Those batteries take up a lot of space and weigh a lot also.
  • Use More E-Liquid – Lower resistance coils mean that you’re going to go through a lot more e-liquid. If you transition from a pen vape to a larger sub-ohm mod, be prepared to keep your e-liquid close!


Higher Resistance Coils

  • Smoother Throat Hit – When you use a higher resistance coil, you’re going to experience a much smoother throat hit. It can take a little bit to get used to, but a lot of vapers soon fall in love with the smooth throat hit of higher resistance coils.
  • Cooler Vape – If you love a cool vape, then higher resistance coils are worth looking at higher resistance coils.
  • Longer Battery Life – The lower temperatures means that you’re going to save a lot of battery life. If you’re out and about away from home, longer battery life is going to save you from running out when you don’t have anywhere to charge.
  • Will Use Less E-Liquid – Higher resistance coils mean your vaping at lower wattage and using less e-liquid, which is handy if you spend a lot of time out and about.


What Is Coil Resistance – Conclusion

You can see that coils play a huge role in what type of vaper you are and the type of vaporizer that you buy. As you start to vape longer, you’ll understand more what type of vaper you are the style of vaping that you prefer. The great thing about vaping is it’s extremely versatile, and there are a variety of different ways that you can vape. If you have any questions you would like to ask, then please don’t hesitate to comment to contact us.