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Online Vape Store

May 25, 2017 2 min read

Our online vape store is proving to be very popular with vapers all over. People use us, return to us and also tell others about Smokemax due to the high quality stock we sell to people. We sell everything that is needed for vaping including:

  • e-cigarettes
  • chargers
  • starter kits
  • e-liquids
  • batteries
  • tanks
  • wicks

We don’t just sell online though, we also have shops in different locations that you can go into to ask questions and try out flavours before you buy.

Our online vape store enables you to buy everything online that you can buy in-store, it just saves you from having to go to a store to make your purchases. The selection of flavours on offer include fruity, sweets, menthol, tobacco, ice cocktails and fruit smoothies and within each category again there is a huge range. We always look to add new products to our online vape store to keep ourselves at the forefront of the industry.

We have monthly deals available on e-liquids and accessories for customers which allows for a saving of 10%, these monthly deals start from as little as £9 per month. When you place an order through our online vape store the products will be shipped 1st class by Royal Mail within 24 hours and you can expect the order to arrive in 1-2 days. We don’t have shipping charges and we always look to give our customers our products for the best price that we can.

Recently there were changes made to vaping regulations which stated that the maximum nicotine strength is now 20mg and that refill containers cannot exceed 10ml. You can go on and find out more about the changes on our website or you can just go on and place an order through our online vape store now.