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E-Cig Shop Edinburgh

May 29, 2017 2 min read

Not long ago we opened an e-cig shop in Edinburgh as the other shops were doing so well and we wanted to continue to grow our business. Edinburgh was an ideal location as there is a growing demand for e-cigs with them now becoming more popular as people realise the benefits of switching from cigarettes. The shop is situated on Leith Walk and is easy to get to for workers and people who live in the city.

People like to come into our stores to browse the items that we sell and to ask questions and try out the different flavours at the flavour bars we have within our shops. Our e-cig shop in Edinburgh stocks a wide range of items needed for someone taking up vaping or for someone who has been vaping for some time.

Smokemax was founded in 2013 by two friends who were travelling, they then came back home to let people know about what they had found and went on to open their first e-cig shop. From that initial shop they then went on to open several more. We manufacture all of our own e-liquids, avoiding artificial flavourings as we want our products to be as natural as possible.

At our e-cig shop in Edinburgh we have a huge range of e-liquids available and we are forever adding to this. All of our liquids are of a high quality and this is what we are proud of and is why our customers continue to use us and tell others about us. We also supply our e-liquids, accessories and other vaping equipment to other retailers.

If you are out in Edinburgh or live there and vape why not come down to our e-cig shop and have a look.