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Ecig Shop Glasgow

July 08, 2016 2 min read

Here at SmokeMax, we have a wide range of Ecig shops in Glasgow where you can buy from us. Our Ecig shops are based in Glasgow City Centre, Partick and Barrhead.

When we first opened our Ecig shops we discovered that although people loved SmokeMax’s cigarettes, we could not find a great supplier that could produce the high-quality and variety of E-liquids that we wanted. What we did then was start months of research, studying and visiting the best E-liquid producers in the world, from this we then started to mix our own E-liquids.

At our Ecig shops you will find that we use as many natural flavours as possible and our team avoid artificial flavourings, this allows us to produce only the very best quality of E-liquids that is available in the vaping sector. Tom and Simon both pride themselves on innovation and quality, whilst aiming to continue to bring new and interesting flavoured premium E-liquids to our customers on a regular basis.

If you come to one of our Ecig shops in Glasgow, you will be able to choose from our diverse range of E-liquid flavours. We have recently added taste bars to all of our shops which gives you – our customer, the chance to try a wide selection of flavours before you commit to purchasing.

Many of our customers tend to order online with us rather than travelling to our Ecig shops as they already know what quality they can expect from us and we offer an efficient delivery service. Feel free to place an order with us today or you can give us a call on 0800 292 2429 with any questions you may have.