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E-Liquids Glasgow

July 08, 2016 2 min read

E-liquids can offer smokers a lot more options, with you being able to use the e-liquid from any brand to fill your tank system or your refillable cartomizers. You will be able to choose from a whole new range of flavours and strengths regardless of what battery you are using.

If you are someone who smokes regularly then you will be able to get a huge cost benefit when you choose e-liquids for example if you were a pack a day smoker then you would use on average 2/3 bottles of 3-ml of e-liquid per month where as in contrast, you would use about 31 cartridges.

You will also eliminate the need to constantly throw out old cartridges. If you are someone who has dealt with cartridges in the past then you will know that the little plastic tips that are on the cartridges end up everywhere, you will be able to avoid this by using e-liquids.

At Smokemax in Glasgow, we offer e-liquids as one of our products and have done so for a number of years now.

Before we started to mix our own e-liquids we done months of research, study and even visited the best e-liquid producers in the world. This is so that we can offer e-liquids that are of the highest possible standard, products that our customers will love.

The main aim of Smokemax is to use as many natural flavours as possible. We avoid using artificial flavourings. We pride ourselves on our innovation and quality, whilst aiming to continue to bring new flavoured premium e-liquid to our stores in Glasgow.

We charge competitive prices for our e-liquids and with the quality, you can expect our products to be good value for money. You can find out more about the different flavours and their cost on our flavours page.

We now offer a delivery service in Glasgow, so you will be able to order from us from the convenience of your own home, eliminating the time taken to travel to and from our shops. All you have to do is go on and select what you want and add it to cart, it’s as simple as that.

If you have any questions then feel free to give us a call on 0800 292 2429.