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Vape Store Glasgow

April 23, 2017 1 min read

At SmokeMax we have been bringing vapers the very best E-Liquids on the market ever since we were established in 2013. Since then we have managed to open up a couple of vape stores in Glasgow and throughout Scotland and have added taste bars to each of them.

All of the E-Liquids that are supplied are brewed by us, this ensures complete vape satisfaction. When we are brewing E-Liquids at our vape stores in Glasgow we try to use as many natural flavours as we can, avoiding artificial flavourings where we can.

We continue to bring out new and exciting to retailers and general customers so if you are looking for the very latest flavours then check out our range. We have a number of E-Liquids online that you can have delivered straight to your door however, we do have a lot of customers who visit our vape stores in Glasgow so that they can try the flavours before they commit to buying.

We often have monthly deals on our E-Liquids that you can take advantage of, so make sure that you aren’t missing out. We can now deliver our E-Liquids straight to your door which is great if you lead a busy lifestyle and just don’t have the time to travel to one of our vape stores.

SmokeMax prides itself on delivering the highest standard of customer service, so, if at any point you have a question about our E-Liquids or placing an order with us then feel free to ask; we would be glad to help.