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Vape Flavours Scotland

January 05, 2017 1 min read

SmokeMax was founded in 2013 by two long-time smokers who discovered E-Cigarettes whilst travelling. Both of these smokers instantly converted to vaping and decided that they’d head back to Scotland and spread the good word.

Both of these smokers found that switching to E-Cigarettes did not only improve their health but it also saved them a lot of money. It wasn’t long before their first shop was opened in Glasgow City Centre – in the heart of Scotland’s biggest City.

When SmokeMax first opened we sold a lot of other companies’ E-Liquids to accompany the SmokeMax E-Cigarette range. Very quickly, the two smokers realised that other suppliers could not produce the high quality and variety of vape flavours that their own high standards demanded which was when they decided to start making their own.

They carried out months of research and study, they even visited the world’s leading producers before they started to mix their own E-Liquids.

Present day, SmokeMax offers a whole range of vape flavours to choose from. The aim is to use as many natural flavours as possible, avoiding artificial flavourings. SmokeMax prides itself on innovation and quality whilst aiming to continue to bring our new and interesting flavoured E-Liquids to all vapers in Scotland who come to us.

We have added taste bars to each of our shops, giving you the chance to try out our vape flavours before you buy them. You can find out more about where our shops are based by clicking here.