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Refill Station – What Our Customer Say About Us?

October 28, 2020 6 min read

 Refill Station is your #1 E-cigs Online Vape Shop UK. Over the years, we have operated refillstation.online with passion, serving over hundreds of thousands customers across UK! Refill Station values being one of the most selling vape shop UK web based e-commerce sites in United Kingdom to have offered a completely secure, website wide SSL (Secure Socket Layered) experience for our customers.


"Our first priority is to make you Happy!"


Being an E-commerce platform our product range in day to day trade is getting higher which brings us in the broader spectrum of E-commerce store for vapping, we constant need loyal review for our product in order to gain the reliablity which comes from a word of mount which we call online reviews these days. With a genuine feedback on the product, one can understand what your consumers feel about your offerings & services. If the feedback is negative, you can come to know where your business is missing-is it your offering or your after-sales service that troubles your customers, this in turns help us to serve you better at each time and after analyzing the feedback, we can cure the deficiencies.

Customers Feedback from verified sites

This blog is all about our customer feedback & reviews. Before we start sharing our value feedback we are going to share you basically what Refill Station offers you.

  4. COILS ( Vaporisers, Tuff Tank Coils, Aero 3000/ltalia coils, EXO Refillable Pods, Go Pod 2ml Refillable Pod)
  6. CBD

Note :– Above all are from only Refill Station branding products are mentioning. Except that Refill Station also sales other premium brand products.


Our Web-site Review which is verified From Trustpilot 

Our customer says excellent 4.9 out of 5 Based on 2031 reviews and counting by Trustpilot.

 Our most reviewable item is Double Mint 

It is the most favorite flavour from e-liquid section because it’s rating and review says all about it.

Overall Rating - (4.9/5)

Here are the some of the verified comments:-

  1. Review by Sandra McParland "One of the few vaping oils which has a nice strong flavour. I have been using this oil for about 5 years now."
  2. Review by Suzanne Caldwell "Tried few different mint flavours this is my favourite so far."


  1. Review by Miss  Ritchie "This is my absolute favourite vape oil! tastes so refreshing every "puff". Seems like it's a lot of other people’s favourite too as it’s very hard to get."
  2. Review by Joy Craig"Great product, only problem it goes quick when in stock, quick delivery."
  3. Review byDerek"In my opinion, this is one of the best liquids I have used."
  4. Review byJoanne Mcintosh"The freshness is great and the bottle size fits in your pocket."
  5. Review byPat"I’ve smoked for over 35 years and I paid a visit to the Refill Shop and I have been smoke free for 6 months."
  6. Review by Janet"Good strong taste. Had to order online as shop is closed due to this virus. Order new tank and got 2 oils free. Delivered within two days and also for free gift of a yo-yo and a rubber duck. Cheered me up. Great customer service."
  7. Review by katieg06"Love this choice and this one only. Nice and fresh (0.6mg) and never gives me headache or sore throat like lots do. Excellent quality."


After Double mint 2nd most popular on our online e-liquid store in UK.

Overall Rating - (4.7/5)


Here is the people’s Experience

  1. Review by Rebecca Connolly "Best strawberry flavour out there!!"
  2. Review by Chloe Graham "Tastes like I’m eating strawberry’s."
  3. Review by Raymond Logan "Great product and value for money!."

Refill Station ICE MENTHOL

It is also one of the sensational e-liquid flavour from Refill Station.

Overall Rating – (4.9/5)


Here is the people’s Experience

  1. Review by ian milne"first time have tried this liquid as usually buy other types of menthol not too strong and a great hit...if you like fresh, this is the one for you."

Refill Station BLACK JAX

Over-all Review – (5.0/5)


  1. Review byJanice Fuller"Love this flavour, along with Arctic blast."
  2. Review bySamantha Kelly"hits the spot nice strong flavour best I have tried it’s all I use now."
  3. Review byChristopher Morton "Best Black Jack taste nice but not too sweet. have been using for a couple of years now. Great value."



You won’t get closer to the real thing… This e-liquid does what is says on the tin, delivering a very traditional and authentic tobacco flavour that will satisfy. Perfect for E-cigarette users making their first jump over from traditional cigarettes.

Over-all Review - (4.9/5)

  1. Review byBelinda "Great product as i am heavy smoker and switched to this and havnt looked back."
  2. Review bycatherine fisher "I have used this product for 6 years now and would never change, I always make sure I have plenty at hand."
  3. Review by Mrs Elizabeth Simpson"Used this product now for 3 years since stopping smoking. Still give me enough satisfaction with the tobacco taste without the nicotine etc.I have COPD and had no option but to stop smoking."


A strong Menthol blast topped with a nice aromatic blend of tobacco.  

Over-all Review – (5.0/5)

  1. Review by Fiona Keir"The menthol smooth is my favourite vape. The refill station vape is always a reasonable price and I received my order promptly."
  2. Review byLaura Nainby "Good product. Customer service is top notch.. I highly recommend refilstation. I haven’t been dissatisfied yet. And I know that I won’t be either.10/10."

Note: - above are only best reviewed by our customer according them we are given selected e-liquid flavours. Including it we have more than 200 flavour ranges.




Black currant Bang Flavour. Free 18mg Nicotine Shot Included! 50ml Short Fill Liquid. 80/20 VG/PG.

Over-all Rating – (4.8/5)

  1. Review by Simply Suse, "Just switched to blackcurrant from double mint and I love it. It doesn't have a strong flavour, just enough for a bit of a fruity flavour. Love being able to buy 3 for £25 with free nicotine shot included. Bottles are 50ml so a great size and easy to open (I really struggled opening the small 10ml bottles)."

Note: - In SHORTFILLS also the range is too much high. As per now & according to customer above we mentioned.



Contains: 5 x Premium Refillable Vaporisers. 

Capacity: 1.6ml

Compatible with the Primo 500 Kit and will work with any other eGo Devices or Batteries.

Overall Rating - (4.7/5)

  1. Review by Edna, "I have used this same product for years. Excellent and keeps me off cigarettes."
  2. Review byGrace Smith, "As always. Good quality as expected".
  3. Review by Judith McCreath, "Arrived on time and exactly what I wanted."


Refill Station PRISM AIR KIT


Overall Rating – (5.0/5)

  1. Review byKenneth Wood, "Great battery life, cool colures, fantastic idea of a cover over charging port."
  2. Review by Denise Burrow, "Fantastic ecig."


GO-Pod is the Ultra-Compact Refillable Pod Vaporiser. 

Over-all Rating – (4.8/5)

  1. Review byStewart fleming, "smashing kit good vape and at half price a bargain I bought 2."
  2. Review byMartin Burke, "Very happy with this product."

NOTE:- REFILL STATION also deal with other major kits brands above are only REFILL STATION branding kits which are highly recommended and rating by customer.


 Refill Station always provides the great device for vapers & also with enough battery life and power that hits harder than other vaping devices. Refill Station also gives major importance to the design and quality. Our entire products are included features like-

  • Easy to use & the single product review video on our YouTube channel there we explain each products specification and how to use.
  • Light weight, you can carry our product in pocket.
  • You can find different types of vaping gadget in our online store.

If you are talking about delivery system we have one of the best shipping systems in UK. Orders are sent by DPD Next day service within 24 hours. Delivery is free of charge if your order is over £30.

For the highland and Islands we use Royal Mail next day service, DPD does offer a next day service for most parts of the UK.

We have delivered faster in this pandemic and during the lockdown.