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New Year, New Vape Flavours at SmokeMax

February 03, 2017 2 min read

We hope the resolutions are going well, and even if they aren’t, we have the perfect excuse to quit smoking in February. We’re launching a new collection of vape flavours sure to tickle your tastebuds and satiate the need for a cigarette.

Sweet Treats

If you’re watching what you’re eating, you can still get your sugar fix through

our new sweet treat flavours. For those cutting out cakes and biscuits, we have just the thing for you. Our jam doughnuts flavour promises to hit that sweet spot without the added calories of all that sugar. Plus we have milk and cookies flavour for those nostalgic about the bedtime snack, and plain old cookie dough for another sugary hit.

If you’re more of a fruity fiend, we have new flavours that pack some juicy punches too. Our lemon and lime flavour is zesty and will have you thinking of sunnier times. So will our fantastic pink lemonade flavour, which packs a refreshing punch and our sarsaparilla (root beer).

Minty moments

Our menthol and mint flavours have already proven quite popular in store, so we’ve decided to extend the number of mint vape flavours we have on offer. This month sees the introduction of peppermint candy, for those still longing after a taste of traditional Christmas candy canes, or those iconic red and white sweets.

For those of you who are a bit braver or need a stronger fix, we’ve also added extreme mints to the fold.  With triple the strength and triple the minty-fresh flavour, this familiar flavour is sure to keep your breath fresh for days.


Full of Flavour

We have also developed a new batch of Edge flavours to share with you. These include Absolute Zero, Buck Rogers, Chemical X, Dark Matter, Master Blaster, Nemisis, Stardust and Supernova.

The full list of new SmokeMax Favourites include: American Pie, Cookie Dough, Extreme Mints, Jam Doughnuts, Lemon and Lime, Milk and Cookies, Peppermint Candy, Pink Lemonade, Red Baron, Sarsaparilla and Vimtonic.

To celebrate the launch of our new flavours, we will be giving you the chance to try them first, with special offers and competitions for our loyal SmokeMax customers. Keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook page and be sure to sign up to receive our emails to get your lungs round these new flavours first.