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Making The Industry Safer

March 06, 2017 2 min read

Around 2.6 million adults in Britain currently use e-cigarettes and this figure is rising as quickly as the smoke it emits. However, many people are still unsure as to the safety and effects of using these products.

Fortunately, in the UK we have regulations in place to ensure the e-cigarette products available here meet a certain standard to be enjoyed safely and freely.

E-Cig Regulation

E-cigarettes are regulated by the EU Tobacco Products Directive in the UK. This controls many factors surrounding the provision and sale of the products, including promotion and advertising, product sizes, quantities and strengths.

For instance, the maximum refill containers cannot exceed volumes of 10ml and the maximum nicotine strength is 20mg/ml. The maximum tank capacity is 2ml and it is essential that product approvals, packaging requirements, customer notifications and data reporting are implemented. Additionally, it is now required for each ingredient to be shown on the label and all packaging includes information leaflets about how to use the product safely. This then puts paid to the myth that “any old ingredients” are put into e-liquids, and that they are unsafe because “you can’t tell what’s in them”.

These measures have been put in place to increase quality control and safety for both customer and supplier. At Smokemax, we were fortunate that our bottle size guidelines were already 10ml before the tobacco products directive was introduced and we can provide variety of nicotine strengths and flavours under the 20mg/ml requirement to help you reduce intake or quit smoking altogether. We’re really transparent about our products as we want to help you get the most from your SmokeMax experience.

Exploding e-cigarettes

The majority of stories about e-cigarettes in the tabloids are about exploding e-cigarettes. Unfortunately, this is a minority in terms of e-cigarette products and users, and detracts from the many benefits e-cigarettes can offer.

In almost all cases of exploding e-cigarettes, the fault has been the result of the misuse of charging equipment. Many people assume that because e-cigs come with a USB charging cable, they can be used with a mobile phone/tablet charger plug. However, this is not the case.

It is vital that you use the charging cable that was supplied with the e-cig or one which is recommended by experts as a suitable alternative. This is because e-cigarette chargers are powered at a much lower wattage than mobile phones and other devices. Ideally you should plug your e-cigarette charger into a computer to receive the correct power supply. Failing that, you should use a low-amp plug such as the Fireguard available from SmokeMax.

Making E-cigarettes safer for you

Ultimately, the regulations have been put in place to make the whole industry safer, and guidelines on things like consumption and charging exist to ensure proper use of the products so that people can enjoy them safely.

At Smokemax, we are here to help you all along the journey to quitting smoking, and have expert staff in every store to help with any questions you might have on laws, using e-cigarettes and more. So, if you are unsure about anything, don’t hesitate to get in touch or pop into our store for a chat.