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July 27, 2016 2 min read

Whether you’re a smoker or not, you’ve probably heard of the new EU tobacco regulations

coming into effect within the next few years. The regulations will see all 10-

packs of cigarettes taken off the shelf, meaning all packets must have at least 20 cigarettes to allow room for appropriate health warnings. Packaging of all cigarettes brands will be uniformly one colour and packets will be covered in health-warning images such as the blackened lungs that we see on cigarette packs already.

Another thing being cracked-down on by the new bans is flavoured tobacco, including menthols. This is all obviously in an attempt to cut down the numbers of those who smoke and make it less appealing for youngsters to start. With cigarettes being the leading cause of early deaths in the UK and a whopping 200,000 11 to 15 year olds starting to smoke every year, it’s no wonder that the government have decided to take action.

But how will these new bans really affect us?

A rise in E-Cig users?

Being completely unable to buy your favourite menthols or even just a box of regular cigarettes without having to look down at even more images of the horrible, even fatal side effects that smoking can have is surely going to have the desired affect and we’ll see a surge in people kicking the habit. But is it likely that all of these people are going to want to give up smoking entirely?

Although some new restrictions are being enforced on E-Cigarettes, none will have any real affect 

on the average vaper, most only concern manufacturing and 

selling. E-Cigs offer a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes as well as a much wider range of flavours, including menthol. As more people are urged to bin the cigarettes, more and more people will be turning to vaping, and presumably a lot more once the ban on menthols comes into effect.

At SmokeMax, we currently offer five menthol flavours as well as a wide range of other fruity and sweet e-liquids, meaning that those who will no longer have access to their favourite flavoured tobacco won’t have to give up their nicotine fix completely.

If you’re concerned about how the new restrictions will affect you and are keen to give up cigarettes before the bans come in, why not have a read of our top tips on how to choose the right SmokeMax E-Cig for you.