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EXO by Refill Station

October 15, 2018 1 min read

Welcome to The Future of Vaping


This is one of the first refillable pod systems in the UK.



The EXO is incredibly easy to use with a very simple refillable pod in place of the usual tank. It has no buttons and is activated simply by inhaling. No 3 or 5 clicks!



EXO is small (about the length of a cigarette), sleek, smooth and effective.



The refillable pod allows the user to choose from our enormous range of eliquid flavours each in 5 different nicotine strengths.



The refillable pods are economical and less wasteful than sealed pods. These are available in store and online 4 for £10 offering much more value for money than sealed pods (4 for £10) by other brands

  • The £19 kit includes:
  • EXO (silver, pink or black) with integrated 450 mAh battery
  • Power indication
  • USB charging cable
  • option of 5 Refill Station eLiquids (for the special price of £10)