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E-Liquids Scotland

November 13, 2016 2 min read

It all started with two long-time smokers who were travelling. After discovering E-Cigarettes these smokers were converted to the vaping way and SmokeMax was born.

The two long-time smokers who founded SmokeMax had found that switching to the E-Cigarette and throwing away old traditional cigarettes had not only improved their health but it had also saved them money. After putting a lot of thought into SmokeMax, they decided to open their first shop in Glasgow City Centre, in the heart of Scotland’s biggest City.

When SmokeMax was first starting out they sold lots of other companies E-Liquids to accompany the SmokeMax E-Cigarette range. They realised very quickly that although people in Scotland loved the SmokeMax E-Cigarettes, SmokeMax couldn’t find a great supplier that could produce the high quality and variety of E-Liquid that their own high standards demanded.

Having perfected the E-Cigarette products, the team at SmokeMax decided to set on a new course of action. They took on months of research, study and visiting the best E-Liquid producers in Scotland and all over the world before they took on the task of mixing their very own SmokeMax’s E-Liquids.

When it comes to our E-Liquids, the team at SmokeMax aim to use as many natural flavours as possible and avoid using artificial flavourings. By doing so, they are able to ensure high-quality products for each and every customer who purchases both online and in store.

Vapers from all over Scotland are eager to try out the new and exciting flavours that SmokeMax has to offer. Other retailers even sell the premium quality E-Liquids that were made by SmokeMax.

There are taste bars in all of SmokeMax’s shops, giving you the chance to try out the E-Liquids before you buy them. If you live too far away from our stores and don’t or can’t travel then feel free to order them online and they can be delivered straight to your door.

Find out more about the different flavoured E-Liquids at SmokeMax through the flavours section of the site.

For more information, feel free to contact a member of the team through email: info@smokemax.co.uk.