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April 18, 2020 1 min read

We know and understand how hard is to deal with this Continuous Covid-19 Pandemic, we figured you may welcome an update from a vaping viewpoint. UK's greatest vaping has promised to keep its shops open online in the midst of the coronavirus emergency to stop ex-smokers turning around to cigarettes and is asking the Government not to close vape retailers in a lockdown. During this Period online E-cigarettes & vape shops open during lockdown. Amid this crisis we all have to stay home for safety purpose and maintain social Distance. 
Our E-cigarettes shop www.refillstation.online for online orders in UK in coronavirus lockdown will remain open. 


Without leaving from home you can easily get the taste of vape liquid, you can buy quality Vape liquid online in coronavirus lockdown. This will help all customers who cannot walk out of their houses and to those who do self isolate can still place orders. Our Vape shoponline order lockdown Uk Refillstation.online is still open and selling. As usual, Our team in our warehouse have been stunning, proceeding to work at a hard time, and bending over backward to guarantee our online store remains open and can keep on providing Vapers who may somehow or another return to smoking. Refillstation is additionally trialing a local delivery for more seasoned clients unfit to get on the online, where they can place order via online will drop them off at their doorstep.