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January 29, 2021 3 min read

Vaping has come a long way since it first gained popularity in early 2000. We’re hearing less and less about batteries exploding, but that doesn’t mean that you can be careless with your vaporizer safety. With any electronic device that contains a battery, you need to take certain precautions to protect not only yourself but also the device.

In the following, we’ll cover 10 Battery Safety Tips to help ensure that you get the most out of your vaporizer and stay safe while you enjoy vaping.


10 Battery Safety Tips

When it comes to the safety of your vape battery, there are some quick and easy steps that every vaper should take. To make your batteries last longer and to ensure that you’re vaping safely, here are ten battery safety tips everybody should know!

  1. Keep The Wraps Intact – Those plastic wraps on the outside of your battery are there for a reason! I can speak for myself when I say if there are rips, tears, or any damaged parts on your battery wraps, then discard of them and stop using them or get new wraps for them. When you’re frequently changing batteries to charge them or swap them out, it’s easy to get a rip or tear. The good news is that you can buy new battery wraps and ensure that you don’t have any ‘accidents’ with damaged battery wraps.
  2. Use The Right Batteries– Some batteries are great for high-voltage vaping, while others are better for low-voltage vaping, and some batteries shouldn’t be used in vaporizers altogether. Check the specifications on all batteries you buy and make sure you are using the right batteries for the vape mod.
  3. Use A Battery Case– If you are carrying spare batteries around or swapping between charged and uncharged batteries, then always keep them in a plastic battery storage case. If loose batteries come in contact with each other or metal objects, they could short out and cause a fire or explosion.
  4. Don’t Buy Cheap Impersonations– If you need to save a few dollars, don’t do it on your vape batteries. There are a lot of fakes and rip-off batteries out there, and the worst thing is they aren’t even that much cheaper. Always use official batteries and if you have any doubt at all about the batteries, then replace them as soon as possible.
  5. Use A Premium Battery Charger– Although most vaporizers give you the ability to charge your batteries while still in the vape mod, it’s always better to remove them and use a dedicated battery charger.
  6. Never Leave Batteries Charging Unattended– If you are going to charge your batteries, don’t do it overnight or leave them for long periods unattended. When your batteries have finished charging, remove them from the charger and place them in a dedicated plastic battery case or back in your vaporizer.
  7. Never Over-Drain Your Batteries – Don’t drain your batteries all the way to empty if possible. We know that it can be hard sometimes when you’re running low, and you still want to vape but try to avoid it if possible. If you remove them and charge them before they’re empty, your vape batteries will last longer.
  8. Avoid High Temperatures – Although batteries are fairly tolerant of high and low temperatures, you shouldn’t test them! Low temperatures can reduce the battery's capacity, and high temperatures can make them age faster or even vent in extreme conditions.
  9. Use The Same Batteries– If you are vaping with a vaporizer that takes multiple batteries, always use the same brand and battery type. Don’t mix and match your batteries.
  10. Replace Your Batteries Regularly– If you have noticed your battery taking less time to charge, but going flat faster, then it might be time to replace. Batteries only have so many full cycles in their lifetime.


Vape Battery Safety – Conclusion

Hopefully, with the battery safety tips above, you’ll never experience any type of battery-related accident or incident. If you need to replace your old batteries, or you’re looking for premium vape batteries, then feel free to browse our selection of high-quality vaporizer batteries.